We are engaged in the supply of Liquid Hydrochloric Acid, which is highly mordant, and a strong mineral acid. Our Industrial Hydrochloric Acid, inorganic in nature, is extensively used as a chemical reagent in industrial applications. The Hydrochloric Acid, which we offer, has a very low melting point (–27.32 °C) and a high boiling point. Our modern labs are well equipped with the latest apparatus, which ensure the superior quality of Laboratory Hydrochloric Acid. We are recognized as one of the prominent Hydrochloric Acid Chemicals Suppliers. 

  • Applications :-
    Production of dyes, drugs, paints, photographic chemicals etc
    Extracting glue from bones
    • Production of glucose from starch
    • Preparation of chlorides
  • Specification :-
    Concentration: ( 30-33%) min
    Fe: (200) ppm max
    SO4 (Sulfate): (1000) ppm max
    Cl2(free): (200) ppm max
    Ressidual after : (1000 ) ppm max Burring